Customer Service Testimonials

We need our customers to be 100% satisfied, with the service we provide. Please submit your comments using the feedback form provided at http://www.dinsol.com/about/feedback.htm.
Rating : Excellent!
Well thanks alot for all your help. BTw this service is the best...would of taken hours using my old domain host...
Gillian Hogan (IL/USA)
Rating : Excellent!
dinsol continues to impress me with great service for the lowest price on the planet! thanks!
Rick Ryan (Florida/USA)
Rating : Excellent!
I have had my dinsol account for about a month now, and I am very pleased with them. I host my portfolio with them (link in sig), and I didn't need a lot of room, so I was looking for a small, inexpensive plan. There are a million cheap hosts out there, but I had read good things about Dinsol, so I went with them. For $12/year, I get 10mb of space, 1gb/mo, php, 5 emails, 1 subdomain, Cpanel5,etc. They have $20, $30 and $40 plans too. Their hosts are fast, which is a problem I've found with cheap hosts: servers located on the other side of the world, resulting in awful pings. Their customer service has responded to my 3 inquires in less than 24 hours each time. If you register your domain w/ godaddy for $8 (whom I also recommend), you can have your own hosted domain for about $20/year.
Scott Connor (MA/USA)
Rating : Excellent!
Rick (Florida/USA)
Rating : GREAT!
To whoever reading this... I have been using more than 7 hosting companies in the past 6years. 4 of these companies still hosting 13domains of mine, each has their own strong and weakness... Recently, I had added another domain to my list... www.xenze.com Since I had planned to shrink down my hosting co. from 4 to 2... so, I give Dinsol.com a try.... Outstanding!! Why? you may ask... because they have this extra touch... they help you even your problems is non-related to them. I wrote this review, right after I discovered one of my problematic CGI script has already been setup and running... I was shocked with impressive thumb up for Dinsol... They never ask for it... but here goes... THANKS, Dinsol !! You deserve it!! (^_~)

Good customer support and service (fast, no jargon, simple and direct responses), with an extra personal touch. Oh... and you will feel that you are important to them. And for me, I felt that Team Dinsol is proud to have us as their clients.
Cae Hiew (Singapore)
Rating : GREAT!
Overall Average: 100% (Reliability/Uptime = 100%; Technical Support = 100%; Customer Service & Billing = 100%; Server & Network Speed = 100%; Price & Value for Money = 100%)
Krisna Kurniawan (Indonesia)
Rating : GREAT!
I appreciate their support staff. They truly provide 24x7 services.
Nipun Jain (India)
Rating : GREAT!
Support is prompt and helpful
Ethan White /TX (United States)
Rating : GREAT!
My questions from your "Sales Team" on signing up for new hosting service were all answered within 6-12 hours with lots of patience. Thank you.
Monica Chau /CO (United States)
Rating : GREAT!
I just wanted to thank Julie C. for helping us get our website up and running. We had several questions for her and they were all answered promply. Although some of the first explainations we received were a little less descriptive then what we would have liked, we asked for clarification and got everything figured out. Our webpage is now up and running! Thanks, Julie. :)
D.J. Watkins /PA (United States)
Rating : GREAT!
Julie C was quick with the response. Unfortunatetely, my FTP client does not seem to work with her suggestion of CHMOD 777
Diane Russell /VN (New Caledonia)
Rating : GREAT!
always very fast, always excellent, for me the best employee
Rating : GREAT!
she/he is very help me for development of my web site. http://www.***************.com thanks.
Krisna Krniawan /CJ (Indonesia)
Rating : GREAT!
JulieC Has been a great great help Thank you very much!!
Patrick Seale /Fl (United States)
Rating : GREAT!
Rating : GREAT!
R"fast", and even though I failed to properly explain what my problem was, they manged to show me how to fix it anyway. Thank you
Gordon Lavoie /BC (Canada)
Rating : GREAT!
Thanks to Julie, my website is working now and I am feeling much better about Dinsol.
Billy /GA (USA)
Rating : GREAT!
I needed a place to host a web site for a non-profit organizaition. This was just right for our needs.
10 is for Excellence, 5 is for Normal, 1 is for Bad!
  • Services: 5
  • Support: 5
  • Features: 7
  • Price: 10
  • Uptime: 7
  • Reliability: 7
  • Speed: 7
  • Security: 7
Mark Reinhart/OH (USA)
Rating : GREAT!
Continueing support, Technical solidarity,Reasonable prices. Keep it up
10 is for Excellence, 5 is for Normal, 1 is for Bad!
  • Services: 7
  • Support: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Price: 9
  • Uptime: 10
  • Reliability: 8
  • Speed: 9
  • Security: 9
Vinay Chaturvedi/DE (IN)
Rating : GREAT!
10 is for Excellence, 5 is for Normal, 1 is for Bad!
  • Services: 10
  • Support: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Price: 10
  • Uptime: 10
  • Reliability: 05
  • Speed: 05
  • Security: 05
Pablo Claverol/SFE (Argentina) : Monday, March 25, 2002
Rating : GREAT!
The price is great. Set up was fast. The mail features are great & they are what sold me on your service.
10 is for Excellence, 5 is for Normal, 1 is for Bad!
  • Services: 5
  • Support: 4
  • Features: 6
  • Price: 10
  • Uptime: 5 (too early to tell)
  • Reliability: 5 (too early to tell)
  • Speed: 5 (too early to tell)
  • Security: 5
Dennis Styles/TX (USA)
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"I started in 2007 and hosted my site with Dinsol. Actually, I was looking for a company who can offer me customized service plan and after discussing dinsol.com, I signed up as their prices were competitive. After putting my site online, I had one or two issues which were resolved by their staff within 24hours. So, I found a good hosting company and am very happy.."
Eric Gregory

"Wonderful technical support and good servers performance which I got after switching my sites to Dinsol.com. I was looking for a reliable hosting company when my friend recommended me their name. My friend is hosting a site with dinsol since last 4 years and told me that they are in business since long. So, I signed up and having a wonderful time with them."
Jim Noble

"I have been with Dinsol for about 3 years and have not had a problem. I have had to consult with their customer service to change my hosting package, and they have responded promptly. Their prices are incredible. They have only had couple of hours of downtime in the past 3 years for server upgrades of which they emailed me a few days before-hand to warn me. After being burned by a couple web-hosts, it is comforting that they publish their phone number. Sure it's in India and not toll-free, but in the world of discounted webservices, a phone number at all seems rare.."
B Barrett

"Our site problem resolved quickly. We are very happy, as we have a presentation tomorrow with our potential customers. We realized that that site is having issue due to some coding error but your technical staff resolved the issue doing exact settings. Now we are confident about our meeting and really thankful to Dinsol.com!"
Anmol Kaushik

"Your technical support people resolved my website issue within few hours of submitting ticket. I am very glad that I found Dinsol.com services to host my website based on Joomla cms. Not all hosting provider offer Joomla CMS support as per my reach previously. Good work done!"
Sonia B

"Currently hosting 7 websites with Dinsol under their Multiple hosting plan and most of the sites are running on php/mysql. 2 are blog sites and 1 is a small cms site. Server performance and uptime is good and cost wise Dinsol is very affordable. Infact, I was looking for such a host when I found their site. Keep up the good work..."
Larry Brown

"The best thing about dinsol is the excellent support system, probably the best I have seen from any service provider. Thank you very much for your support."
Nitin Gupta

"I will continue to use your service because your customer service continues to impress me. Any problems - email you, and you have replied within minutes. Greatly appreciated!! THANKYOU!"
Nick Holzherr

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