Customer Service Testimonials

We need our customers to be 100% satisfied, with the service we provide. Please submit your comments using the feedback form provided at http://www.dinsol.com/about/feedback.htm.
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : thanks a lot for tha pascience and help, it\'s been really helpful to have a fast response from the support team.
Adrian Alescio (Spain)
Rating : Very Good!
Feedback : I\'m very satisfied with your service. I used to have a couple of problems recently with the hosting server but at all, everthing seems to be very good. Moreover I have to compliment support staff on great response time.
Mersad Pasic (Sarajevo/Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : The best thing about dinsol is the excellent support system, probably the best I have seen from any service provider. Thank you very much for your support.
Nitin Gupta (NOIDA/India)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : I will continue to use your service because your customer service continues to impress me. Any problems - email you, and you have replied within minutes. Greatly appreciated!! THANKYOU!
Nick Holzherr(Birmingham, England)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Thanks for your quick response to my problemb and investigating it fully in detail.
Daniel Clack
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Fast and helpful support...
Tunc Yalgin(Turkey)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Always a great service with Dinsol, always, never been down with a probleme more than 1 hour, millions of thanks, french hosting providers should learn from you guys ;-)
GUYOT (Montpellier / France)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Dear Dinsol, I found a solution for my problem quickly from Dinsol via MSN. Thanks a lot ! I\'m a happy customer :)
Nuri Akman(Ankara / Turkey)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Thank you again for beeing so helpfull, for answering so fastlly to our problems.
de Nanteuil (Paris / France)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : You have gone beyond the call of duty. You have been pleasant, professional, and very helpful as we ask many questions regarding our webpage. It is dificult to do a webpage while traveling and you have helped us succeed.
Nancy Gill (Hawaii,USA)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Very good service as support went into my webhost and changed database permissions for me.
Daniel Lesser (Spain)
Rating : Very Good!
Feedback : Thank you very much, solved the email problem.
Tommy (Italy)
Rating : Very Good!
Feedback : Namaste!
I have been teaching myself how to produce a webpage of our travel adventures and upload it monthly onto the control panel, from different interent cafes around Asia. The support staff at Dinsol have been great getting back to me quickly and efficiently. Very helpful.
Nancy & Joseph hawaiianglobetrotters (Hawaii)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : I had a problem under my account with mysql. When i have warned them about my issue and they solved in 5 minutes. They are friendly and always be ready for support.
with best regards
Teogen (Turkey)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Very helpful and prompt helping me setup my reseller account and taking care of a bandwidth issue. I\'m new to this and the help is appreciated..
Eddie ( Mesa, AZ, United States)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : I\'ve been on the Dinsol reseller plan now for a little over a year and I am absolutely 100% satisfied with what I am getting~Easy annual billing, superior server performance, no down-time, great little Control Panel for my clients, great management software for me. Keep up the good work.
Laurie Bailey (Olive Branch, MS)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : Very impressed with config facilities, pre-installed options, support and cost. Hope to be impressed by uptime and bandwidth.
Andy Pallett (London UK)
Rating : Excellent!
Feedback : i am amazed with your service!
Hi - i am amazed with your service! Couldnt ask for better, Thankyou so much for the quick setup and response!
Paul Holzherr (United Kingdom)
Rating : Very Good
Feedback : service makes the difference
I have been managing a website that I chose to have hosted at Diamond Internet Solutions and we have been here just less than one year now. I chose Dinsol after much research, based on price and features. I wanted the most "bang for the buck" so to speak. Dinsol's plans are packed with features, comparatively inexpensive, and all support is done via email, so I figured as long as nothing went wrong, I'd be fine. I was more than a little worried that if I had problems that there might be long delays, miscommunications and much frustration, due to the fact that I couldn't actually talk to the support team. Recently, I ran into an issue while trying to upgrade the account's parameters. Timing was an issue as I could make no updates to the site until the changes were complete, and there were many updates waiting in line! I needed expert help, fast, and what I received prompted me to write this email. The support I received was as good as it gets! It doesn't matter how much the service costs, or where the offices/employees are located, there is virtually no way I could have gotten more diligent and effective support! I was sending emails at all hours of the day and night. They all were answered very quickly and succinctly. Being that this issue actually involved a third party, some of the problem was not even Dinsol's fault or responsibility, yet they provided the answers and guidance that was required and we succeeded in solving the problem before things got critical for me! I am no longer apprehensive about the fact that I can only contact my host through the email, because of the great service they provided! I was duly impressed. I have literally recommended Dinsol to everybody that asked my opinion in the past. Now, however, I felt I wanted to show my appreciation unsolicited. Thanks Diamond Internet Solutions! You have a loyal customer for life.
Rick Ryan (FL/USA)
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"I started in 2007 and hosted my site with Dinsol. Actually, I was looking for a company who can offer me customized service plan and after discussing dinsol.com, I signed up as their prices were competitive. After putting my site online, I had one or two issues which were resolved by their staff within 24hours. So, I found a good hosting company and am very happy.."
Eric Gregory

"Wonderful technical support and good servers performance which I got after switching my sites to Dinsol.com. I was looking for a reliable hosting company when my friend recommended me their name. My friend is hosting a site with dinsol since last 4 years and told me that they are in business since long. So, I signed up and having a wonderful time with them."
Jim Noble

"I have been with Dinsol for about 3 years and have not had a problem. I have had to consult with their customer service to change my hosting package, and they have responded promptly. Their prices are incredible. They have only had couple of hours of downtime in the past 3 years for server upgrades of which they emailed me a few days before-hand to warn me. After being burned by a couple web-hosts, it is comforting that they publish their phone number. Sure it's in India and not toll-free, but in the world of discounted webservices, a phone number at all seems rare.."
B Barrett

"Our site problem resolved quickly. We are very happy, as we have a presentation tomorrow with our potential customers. We realized that that site is having issue due to some coding error but your technical staff resolved the issue doing exact settings. Now we are confident about our meeting and really thankful to Dinsol.com!"
Anmol Kaushik

"Your technical support people resolved my website issue within few hours of submitting ticket. I am very glad that I found Dinsol.com services to host my website based on Joomla cms. Not all hosting provider offer Joomla CMS support as per my reach previously. Good work done!"
Sonia B

"Currently hosting 7 websites with Dinsol under their Multiple hosting plan and most of the sites are running on php/mysql. 2 are blog sites and 1 is a small cms site. Server performance and uptime is good and cost wise Dinsol is very affordable. Infact, I was looking for such a host when I found their site. Keep up the good work..."
Larry Brown

"The best thing about dinsol is the excellent support system, probably the best I have seen from any service provider. Thank you very much for your support."
Nitin Gupta

"I will continue to use your service because your customer service continues to impress me. Any problems - email you, and you have replied within minutes. Greatly appreciated!! THANKYOU!"
Nick Holzherr

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